inside the Coronation    

Inside the Coronation is a 10-minute mixed-media film for primary schools in the United Kingdom. Commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport and produced by Flying Object. Below you can see the full film and two highlights reels.


Produced by Flying Object
Tim Partridge - Creative Director
Tom Pursey - Creative Director
George Bergel - Producer
Charles Rickleton - Art Director
Iya Mistry - Junior Creative
Anthony Odu - Junior Designer
Adele Hambly - Studio Manager
Jade Harrison - Producer
Alexandra Watt - Production Assistant

Directed and Edited by Iris Abols
Additional direction by Rory Waudby-Tolley

Written by Howard Read

Sound and Music by Phil Brookes

Animated by Anita Gill, Marah Curran, Melanie Krein, Rory Waudby-Tolley, Qian Shi

Background Designs by James Hatley

Minecraft Animation by BlockWorks Uk

Historical Consultancy by Alice Loxton